Mishky Magic


Creative designers Tita Navia and Martha Duran are the two innovative minds behind the Columbian brand, Mishky; beautifully handcrafted jewellery that combines traditional and modern aspects of craftsmanship and design. A unique array of colour combinations and materials in a single piece of Mishky jewellery is what truly makes this brand so special.

The duo abides by a key principal: Social Responsibility. As the brand is often commonly known as Mishky: Jewellery with Social Responsibility, the designers take great pride in how their work affects others, both pre and post production. As it states on their website, “With every (1) hour of work from home, one (1) Mishky bracelet is produced and one or more kids enjoy more time with their mother, learning, studying and sharing love.” Made at the hands of the Putumayo natives from the Colombian Amazon, the jewellery is produced by artisans trained through a foundation called “Mi mamá para mi” (“My mom for me”). The team also work with the Colombian government’s Presidential Agency for Social Action programme that incentivizes illegal crop substitution with traditional handicrafts.

Mishky is propelled forward by their ability to be inspired by today’s world and the challenges our planet faces. Each bracelet bought and worn shares a small portion of what Tita and Martha ended up defining “Mishky Love”. It is a vision of an exponentially infinite chain of crossed hands wearing bracelets representing good actions, passion, ethics, principles, and love towards women, kids and planet Earth.

The core product is an articulated collection of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings produced in different widths and colour and material metal combinations. The jewellery is beaded with class A quality glass beads or woven on Egyptian looms with a variety of vibrant colors and shapes. The pieces are carefully handcrafted using a range of methods, some are individually created with a technique called filigree, a craftsmanship which consists of shaping an exceptionally thin silver thread into a symbol.

Blaiz is a platform representing the best in South American clothing, swimwear, and accessories, founded in 2015, in London, United Kingdom by Stephanie Margaronis Mordehachvili.

Aiming to be at the forefront of Latin American fashion, Blaiz believes that Mishky will become a positive addition to the brand portfolio and make their stance in the European market with their unique ideologies and design focus.