Miss Mano Makes Its Entrance

A brand born with the spirit of romanticism and its feet firmly rooted in urban modernity, Miss Mano is based on the sense that luxury is not in the ostentation but in the possibility of wearing what every woman is: unique. Pieces are designed in an intuitive process and manufacturing is completed by artisans, dedicated to quality and detail. There is a special emphasis on quality reviewers whose main task within the production process is to enhance the detail in the garments thus ensuring each piece offers a unique and personal touch.

Miss Mano have created and produced custom pieces since 2009, that combine the delicacy of haute couture with the universe of wedding and party dresses. The collections offer a variety of pieces that imitate haute couture quality, which is to be expected as the team have an extensive quality process in place. The attention paid to each piece is commendable and commitment to their customers cannot be denied. The brand allows customers to really be a part of the process and influence the designs so that the outcome is entirely unique to that customer. Lace, tulle and embroidery are certainly part of Miss Mano’s DNA and it caters to a growing market.

The brand, born in Fortaleza, aims to make dreams for women who disregard the restrictions brought about from age, a reality. A main brand value of Miss Mano is that personality and way of life is much more relevant that age and social conventions.

“Putting ideas together, modelling poetry, customizing essence … Dressing a dream … It’s what inspires us”.

Blaiz is a platform representing the best in South American clothing, swimwear and accessories, founded in 2015, in London, United Kingdom by Stephanie Margaronis Mordehachvilii that now represents Plural in its physical showroom.

Aiming to be at the forefront of Latin American fashion, Blaiz believes that Miss Mano will become a positive addition to the brand portfolio and make their stance in the European market with their unique ideologies and design focus.