Belas Artes presents new designers at Blaiz during LFW

Five new Brazilian designers who have graduated from the Fashion Design course at São Paulo’s Belas Artes University will take their creations to London Fashion Week – more specifically, to Blaiz – a London based showroom that focuses on presenting the best of Latin American womenswear clothing and accessories designers to Europe and on a global platform. The pieces shown from September 15 to 19 will be on sale for the international market, exclusively for wholesale.

Belas Artes University, São Paulo, is committed to getting its graduates into the market. The experience provides students and graduates with an in-depth understanding of the Brazilian and international markets and how they can be creative and enterprising professionals. The trip to London is also part of the international expansion of the university, including participation in the Satellite Show in Milan and South by Southwest, in Austin.

Consultant, Simone Jordão, who has 20 years’ experience in helping Brazilian brands to broaden their horizons, curated the pieces. The partnership between Belas Artes and Simone Jordão created a project that has allowed graduates to present their creations in London for the first time.

Images of the work to be showcased at Blaiz:

Antonio Borges

Collection of women’s oversized shirts with traditional tailoring.

Antonio, 28, was born in the city of Jucás, in the state of Ceará, but has lived in São Paulo for 27 years. Fascinated by tailoring, he studied shirt making in 2016 at the São Paulo State Tailors and Shirt Makers Association. In 2017 he created his eponymous brand.


 Ariadne Cordeiro and Gisele Faria

The pair developed a timeless collection of patchwork and quilting with flat, minimalist modeling.

Born in Curitiba, Paraná, Ariadne is 46 years old and currently teaches classes and workshops in patchwork. Gisele, 23, is from Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo state. Both graduated in Fashion Design from Belas Artes in December 2016 , the same year they took part in SP-Artes.


Maisa Mariottini

Wearable Memories: pieces with printed references to childhood. Prints in dye and oils, graphic design and digital printing. Use of natural fabrics such as silk, cotton and linen. All the models get a different phrase embroidered on the back.

Maisa Mariottini, 24, was born in Araraquara, São Paulo state, and moved to São Paulo to study Fashion at Belas Artes. Graduating in the first half of 2017, she worked for four years at the Isolda brand. Today, she works on her own brand with a partner.


 Beatriz Barbosa Azevedo

Selection of accessories – bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings – 3D printed geometric shapes in various colors.

The 21-year-old Beatriz graduated in December 2016 and began 3D prototyping while still in college, falling in love with the technique, which led to her buying a 3D printer. After developing a collection of 3D printed accessories for TCC, she realized the potential this market offered and decided to open her own company, WE.ME 3D.


 About Fashion Design at Belas Artes University, São Paulo

Awarded four stars by the Student Guide, the undergraduate course produces and spreads knowledge in fashion design through an integrated vision in the field of research, planning and development.  Over its six semesters, the course has practical and theoretical disciplines, bringing together knowledge of raw materials through manufacturing, creation through sewing and selling end products.

In the area of professional experience, Belas Artes allows students to participate in Studio Grid, guided by tutors who work in the market, developing projects, doing research and applying theory to practice with real clients.

In order to put students in frequent contact with the market, the university offers lectures with renowned professionals in the area, such as Maria Kazakova, Pascale Mussard, Martha Medeiros, Ricardo Almeida and Helô Rocha .At the end of the course, Belas Artes gives its students the opportunity to present their course work at the Creative Collectibles event, which operates in the format of a science fair and is attended by professionals in the market.

About Belas Artes University, São Paulo

 A reference in the Creative Economy in Brazil, Belas Artes University, São Paulo, creates, produces and promotes knowledge through the arts, culture and human and social sciences, offering a humanistic education and awakening in its students the permanent desire for cultural and professional improvement in these areas. Founded in 1925, Belas Artes, São Paulo, is one of the oldest educational institutions in the country and is the ideal school for those who value creativity, freedom of expression and knowledge with a practical application. This creative and stimulating environment is provided by the interdisciplinary nature of the courses, the qualifications of its teachers and the complete infrastructure on hand. This produces a differentiated education for professionals of the future to follow their chosen careers with confidence and personality.