Cecilia Prado – Unique Fashion for the Unique Woman

Uniquely Brazilian but with a European flair inspired by her travels, Cecilia Prado designs a variety of handmade and hand-finished clothes. A brand spanning 2 generations, the Cecilia Prado pieces provide extraordinary styles combining the latest in knitting technology and patterns, the application of different materials using unique fabrics that hug womens figures and enhance their natural curves.  Her styles are constantly evolving for unique fashion, and are inspired by the people, moments, facts, objects and feelings encountered and seen through the eyes of Cecilia.
uniqu fashion by cecilia prado

As a young child, Cecilia travelled all around Europe with her mother. These excursions brought her closer to the fashion world. Eventually Cecilia took over the family’s company and incorporated her vast travel experience into her designs to create what she knew women wanted – unique fashion. Combinations of yarns, colors and textures come together to create a modern, striking style, which expresses the persona of Cecilia Prado, from dresses to shirts, from skirts to bodysuits and swimwear, each piece has a story to tell and is unexpected in the fashion world.

Unique Fashion by Cecilia Prado

cecilia prado fashionThe brand aims for the highest quality using expert knowledge and machines, which have been developed for more than three decades. The development and manufacturing processes are both performed internally in the company’s large factory of artisans in Jacutinga, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Cecilia Prado is constantly exploring knit possibilities, always looking for new techniques and trends. The brand has principal characteristic pieces which focus on contemporary and feminine design for ultimately unique fashion to make women feel sexy yet sophisticated when wearing her pieces anywhere in the world.