Arezzo – King of Footwear Joins Blaiz

Arezzo – footwear specialist in quality, design, comfort and innovation in a pair of shoes – arrives in the UK exclusive to Blaiz Ltd.

Founded in 1972, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, by two brothers, Andreson and Jefferson Birman, Arezzo (named after a city in Tuscany) is today the largest women’s footwear brand in Latin America. Footwear brands under the Arezzo umbrella include Arezzo, Schutz, Ana Capri, Alexandre Birman, and Fiever. Blaiz has selected the brand Arezzo to represent, due to its it fitting in well with the UK lifestyle footwear market, and due to Arezzo being at the forefront of Brazilian fashion.

Inspired by the Italian fashion trends of the 70s, in 1979, their launch of the Wedge Sandal, covered in jute thread, became a best-seller, and Arezzo began to be renowned in the Brazilian fashion market.

In 1990, Arezzo opened its first flagship store on Oscar Freire Street, an important commercial street that gathers national and international design brands in São Paulo, Brazil. The company became heavily focused in the research and development of new shoe models and trends, as well as retail sales trends for the Brazilian fashion market.

The brand’s quality is guaranteed due to the in-house production model utilised in Brazil, with Arezzo searching continuously to enhance scalability whilst maintaining quality.

Arezzo – at the forefront of Brazilian fashion

For seven consecutive years, Arezzo has been named Brazil’s best footwear group, according to the Brazilian magazine “Pequenas Empresas e Grandes Negócios” (Small enterprises and big businesses). Since 2004, its franchise model has been awarded the franchise seal of excellence by the Associação Brasileira de Franchising – ABF (the Brazilian Fashion Franchising Association). Operating through own stores, franchises, online stores, and multi-brand stores, the group sells over 10 million pairs of shoes annually. The Arezzo franchise network currently has more than 356 stores distributed in 180 Brazilian municipalities and is present in all Brazilian States. Growth boasts 7-10% annually (7% same store sales) with international expansion set to add to this growth.

Blaiz is a platform representing the best in South American clothing, swimwear and accessories, founded in 2015, in London, United Kingdom by Stephanie Margaronis Mordehachvilii that now represents Arezzo in its physical showroom.

Aiming to be at the forefront of Latin American fashion, Blaiz believes that Arezzo will become a leading footwear brand in the UK due to its affordable pricing, incredible designs, and production capacities.


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