Meet: Fit and Chic Activewear

What is Fit and Chic Activewear

Fit Chic Activewear’s mission is to bring entertaining yet chic, friendly, and functional activewear to female fitness. Embracing everyone’s uniqueness.FC Activewear Br works only with the latest in technological fabrics which help activate blood circulation, with UV protection and quick drying technology.

Fit and Chic’s Pieces are created for the daily life of an urban woman who searches for active wear mobility with a refined-modern approach.
white leggingsHow did the brand originate and how has it evolved?

Fit and Chic was started by Carla Genovez. Born in Sao Paulo she realised that a more classic design was missing in the activewear universe, so she created a new style inspired by elegant simplicity. The pieces are characterised by geometric lines and clean colours with the combination of nude and blacks injecting a sort of urban freshness. These pieces are perfect for a workout but they can be worn all day for an informal compromise of studio to street. Designed for women that want to work up a proper sweat, be sure that these pieces will keep everything in place whilst still keeping you in absolute comfort.