Meet your work-out goals in style

It is a known fact that Brazilian women know how to work out, and to do it in style. From one pieces that fit them like a glove, to prints that just live and breath Latin vibes, the technologies used for their leggings, sports bras, and tops, are beyond compare. Each piece of material is enhanced with anti-cellulite properties, blood-circulation boosters, UV protection, and quick-dry technologies. Designed for women that want to work up a proper sweat, be sure that these pieces will keep everything in place whilst still keeping you in absolute comfort.

One of our activewear designers, Fit & Chic Activewear (, creates her designs under the pillars of modern and elegant. Born and raised in São Paulo and having the wordly sportswear knowledge of many cultures and sports disciplines, whilst still rooted in Brazil, the label´s designer, Carla Genovez, realised that a more classic design was missing in the fitness universe so she developed an elegant style on with a clean color palette and straight lines.

Her pieces are created for the daily life of a urban woman who searches for the fitness-wear mobility and a refined-modern approach. The label has a classic and elegant design but it also focuses on technological fabrics which help activate blood circulation, with UV protection and a quick drying technology. The label believes that a legging is more then just a legging since it can offer complete comfort and design. An investment as the pieces border on loungewear as well, they can be worn all day for informal compromises. We even team our leggings with knee high boots for a night out on the town.

pyramid-top blue-paris-vest black-tank-top

Collection 17 | Lights
Inspired by an elegant simplicity, for a classic woman, with the modern and urban necessity to remember the beauty in “classic lines” and in classic design. The collection was launched with a bang at London Fashion Week on September 18th with a terrific catwalk show attended by the best in fashion.

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